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Re: [IP] Help!!! I think I'm going crazy

ALL of your symptoms point to perimenopause.  Depression, nightsweats, 
insomnia, headaches, urinary problems, loss of libido, etc. are all about 
perimenopause which usually starts at about age 40, maybe earlier.  You need 
a mix of estrogens, testosterone and progesterone that is tailored to your 
body and symptoms.  Find a good reproductive endocrinologist to start you on 
hormones right away.  I believe this is your starting point, because 
sometimes women address the perimenopausal symptoms one by one, and end up 
going to a neurologist for insomnia, a psychiatrist for depression and loss 
of libido and a urologist for urinary problems.  Get on the mix of hormones 
for you, then address what is left.  That is my opinion.  That is what I did. 
 I had all your symptoms except I would describe myself as irritable and 
mildly depressed rather than deeply depressed.  Anyway, my ob/gyn put me on 
birthcontrol pills which definitely helped but put on weight and took away 
energy.  Then I went to somebody my friend, who underwent a surgical 
menopause, recommended.  This doctor put together a blend of estrogens and 
testoterone which took away the headaches, helped me sleep, gave me a sense 
of well being, improved my energy and brought back the desire for 
"connection" with my husband.  Then, for 12 days of the cycle, I take 
progesterone.  Birth control pills contain progesterone for all the days of 
the cycle. That was what was causing me problems, along with no testosterone. 
 You have to take some progesterone which is important to help guard against 
cancer.  Also, if you have a history of breast or uterine cancer in your 
family, find out what you should stay away from.  Yea, diabetes doesn't help 
your situation, but you sound just like me and I am not diabetic.  Good luck, 
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