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[IP] Xenical

Hey Andy!

I started taking Xenical last April.  Started taking it with each meal  at
least 2xdaily and sometimes 3.  If I have a yogurt for breakfast,  of course
I don't take it.  No differences in bgs, no differences in anything, except
I have very slowly...9 pounds to date...lost weight. I am borderline obese,
30% BMI, course I have felt obese all my life and am still waiting on the
miracle drug that kills my desire for food, and has no side effects at all
and is not addictive!   Yeah, me and 30% of the population at least!
Xenical has one little problem that all takers will discover the first time
they eat a fat laden meal.....you will learn to stay very close to a

Also, dehydration may become a problem.  You won't be aware of it, but you
must drink much more water than usual...I try to get 2 full liters down,
along with coffee, diet 7 up.     

If you want to discuss it more, give me a holler. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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