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Re: [IP] Humalog $ increase

Sharon Amann wrote:
> My question is how are people going to pay for this insulin if they don't
> have health insurance?

Depending on their financial situation, there ARE programs where they
can get life-sustaining meds for free from the manufacturers. It
requires the doc to write a letter, and renew it periodically.

> It's crazy!! My brother's girlfriend is also diabetic with no insurance.

Tell her to talk to her doc about contacting Lilly or Novo for
> Insulin
> is not a play toy!! We need it to survive!! It's not like not taking a
> Tylenol when you need it. Without insulin, we die!! Period. 

Believe it or not, insulin is not the only drug in that category. My
friend since junior high has Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, and is on a
Flolan pump (a big, messy affair, even worse than the brick pumps the
old-timers talk about), and if the medication is not delivered for even
a few minutes, she could die.

And the medication runs about $1000 per month. And she has no insurance
because she was forced to take early retirement, and they won't insure
her any more (gee, I wonder WHY??) She's only 51 years old, and not
eligible for her pension until she's 60 -- she probably won't live that

She did get a settlement from the drug company that manufactured
Phen-fen -- but the question is, which dies first -- her or the

> Should I remind
> us all how much my parents paid for a vial of insulin in 1972? Ninety-nine
> cents!!!!!!!!!!! So what, they're now being made in a laboratory. So, it
> should be cheaper not more expensive!! My heart goes out to those without
> insurance.

Well, we, the people, are the only ones who can do anything about that.
No political lectures here, but each of us DOES need to think about what
we can do.  

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