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[IP] No Saline First

> << Does everyone start pumping saline first?? >>
> Hi Amy, you know, this is really weird, but when my CDE arrived at my home
> asked about the saline, and she said, No Im going to start you off on the
> pump right away. Well, since I was new at this pump stuff I didn't think
> of it, but after being on this website for awhile, I realize that everyone
> seems to do the saline first.

I think it depends a lot on your doctor/trainer & how they handle the
MDI-to-pump transition.  My endo preferred a hospital stay for startup (so
that meal carbos would be counted precisely FOR me & I could concentrate on
learning the technical pump "ins & outs"), with no saline - straight to
insulin, with the doc or other knowledgeable hospital staff on hand at a
moment's notice for any questions or concerns.  I know from reading that
most don't seem to go with the hospital stay, but I was so very glad that's
the way my start-up was done - I felt completely secure in having support
staff right there, so I didn't have the potential anxiety I might have felt
at home "on my own" adding confusion into the numbers of the whole diabetic
equation.  Saline was never even brought up.

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