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Re: [IP] changes in insulin need with changes in cycle


My doctor has suggested two different ways of handling this.  The first 
way-for which I think makes more sense-is to raise all profiles by 0.1 unit 
per hour for each of the 24 hours when you notice the big jump in blood 
sugars.  In effect that would raise your total basal insulin per day by 2.4 
units of insulin. It doesn't seem like much but he says it would be enough to 
make a difference.  Problem is, you would have to remember to reset all 
profiles when your period started or you would go low.

The second suggestion is to adjust your correcting boluses (sliding scale) 
upward.  I as an accountant came up with this weird sort of way to calculate 
these boluses.  Due to hypoglycemic unawareness my target blood glucose is 
100.  During the normal side of the month, for any amount over 100 my blood 
sugar is, I take the difference and multiply it by two percent and take that 
much insulin.  It works out to taking one unit of insulin per 50 mg/dl over 
100 my blood sugar is.  For the high days of my cycle I would multiply by 

I still haven't documented enough blood sugars for me to feel comfortable 
with either method but these are the suggestions I got from my doctor.  I 
just recently started to feel my blood sugar start dropping when it got to 70 
rather than not feeling it until it was 40 or below.  Now I plan on doing 
some documenting and figure out what works best for me.

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