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[IP] Reflections-33 years diagnosed TODAY!

Hi to one and all,

As I sit here in my basement I just wanted you to know that in the 33 years I 
have had diabetes I have seen so many changes.  Although things are not 
perfect with this crazy disease, things are not as bad as they once were.  I 
am so thankful for being as healthy as I am considering I was diagnosed 
pre-pump, pre-carb counting, pre-home blood glucose monitoring and for the 
most part, pre-diabetes education as we know it today.

I remember December 18, 1967, so well when I as a very bright and emotional 
eight year old was told by my mother and father (in our living room) that I 
had diabetes.  I remember crying, "Am I going to die?"  Mom then told me 
absolutely not, Uncle Lawrence has had it for years.  Now I was still 
terrified since he was not what I would have (at that age or any age) 
considered, a healthy human being.  He was about 5'8" tall and weighed about 
130 lbs. soaking wet.  Years of medical neglect also made his complexion very 

Now I feel that I am very healthy considering all I have gone through.  Yes, 
I have lost the vision in one of my eyes, yes I have had bilateral carpal 
tunnel surgery as well as have had three trigger fingers repaired.  Yes, I am 
taking Zestril (an Ace inhibitor) to reduce microalbuminaria and have had two 
C-sections due to large birthweights.  

For a positive I have two healthy boys aged 10 and 7.  My microalbuminaria 
tests are now in the normal range, my eyesight has been stable for over 15 
years, my HbA1c is in the low 6's, and I have a wonderful husband who has 
stuck by my side for over 17 years.  Generally I look forward to each day, 
laugh when times get tough, and can empathize with friends when their 
troubles are great.

I think we all need to try our best to think about what is positive in our 
lives.  The more I try to stay positive, the easier it becomes.  (I am not 
perfect and am a human, I do have BAD days!)

Just trying to stay positive and hope that I can pass it along.

Happy holidays to all,

Love and hugs,

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