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Re: [IP] Disetronic Batteries

>Changed my 03 battery 5 days ago and it's sounding off 03 low again.  Anyone
>else having this trouble seems like I've been going throught a lot of
>batteries lately.  Thank Carol T. Hope I have some more here!

First of all I would not make your own batteries for that will nullify your 

I really think you and all others having battery problems should start 
raising hell with D.  I had a million problems and after many 
conversations, I was finally able to a replacement pump, thanks to my rep 
and her hard work.  I went through more batteries and D sure wasn't willing 
to replace batteries.  In addition they knew they were distributing "bad" 
packages of batteries for they knew the had a bad batch, but it was only 
one or two that were bad in a 10 pack.  I was furious when the tech support 
people told me this.  They should have recalled those batteries.  I even 
carried spare batteries, and I swear having a truck load of batteries would 
not have gave me comfort that I had enough.  I have since switched to the 
Animas because I know I can just go to a store and buy batteries if my 
backups don't work.  I am appalled at the all the messages I have read just 
on this round.  I really think D needs to reconsider there battery 
situation.  I would call your rep too and I hope your's is like the one 
that took over in my state.

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