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Re: [IP] my life

I've got my 45th B'day coming up in January. I was born way too early and am
legally blind because of it.  All my life, I have been 'Different" and for
many years fought the non conformity and tried to fit in with people who,
for the most part, couldn't care less.

What do You, yourself want from life?  Start pleasing only yourself
regarding choices and the confidence gained over the next few months will be
rewarded with friends who are not 'freaked out' about the pump or anything
about you, which makes you the person you are.

The pump is in a sense, an extention of us and the way we deal with the
condition of diabetes makes us who we are.

I'm a musician and get right up on stage solo, with my pump to the side, on
my belt.  I've been asked a couple of times what it was, but really, many
people just don't notice it.

You're right about the maturity level, sounds as though he didn't know what
he wanted and would've just been indecisive and non committal.  He actually
did you a favour by not staying and maybe later hurting you despairatly.

I guess I just have noticed that when I stopped looking for 'mr. right' and
stopped caring what "everybody might think of me', that things in general
got sooo much easier and life itself leveled off considerably.

I got my Beau-Friend when I wasn't looking, got gigs for my music when I
just handed out a few demo tapes and forgot about them, friends in the most
unlikely places and so on....

What you are feeling is normal, I guess I'm just trying to say it will get a
lot better, and people just may surprise you.  I don't look or act my age
and am proud now of that which makes me unique.  I think you'll find the
same about you to be true.

Try or cry...
Jenny Sutherland
----I can fix anything...now; where's the duct tape???
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