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[IP] neurologists

What does a neurologist do? My endo referred me to one as I'm having burning
on my feets whcih she said was neuropathy. But I'm also having other
problems such as memory loss and sometimes I can't remember peoples names
and just in general act like I've got dementia at times. I also have burning
on top of my hands which she said was not neuropathy. Does somebody else
have that? I'm still always tired as well even though my thyroid levels are
good and my hba1c was 5.7 without any big swings in blood sugars. I'm not
sure what a neurologist do does he/she deal with these kinds of problems?
A neurologist diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system and brain.
I doubt that you are demented. that usually occurs in older diabetics with 
frequent lows. The first order of business is to do a complete history and 
physical exam as well as a neurological exam, after this is concluded the 
neurologist will formulate mentally what he or she thinks is going on, 
diabetes will be high on the list, then tests may be performed or ordered 
to be performed such as measuring the speed at which your nerves conduct an 
electrical impulse and if they smear the impulse out or just conduct it 
normally. further testing such as cat scans or ian MRI might also be 
indicated. when all is done, your neurologist should be able to arrive at a 
diagnostic impression. Medication may be prescribed You should get a copy 
of his consultation report and any results of tests so that if you want to 
see someone else the testing will not need to be repeated Spot.
A Bender, M. D.
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