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[IP] Sets not sticking!!!

We are new to this site and I'm sure this is something that has come up over
and over again, but I am very frustrated.  Zack (8) just went on his pump 3
weeks ago.  We are on the Minimed 508.  We are having a terrible time getting
his infusion sets to stay in. We started with the soft-set (both regular &
micro) and are now switching to the silhouettes.  We have tried IV3000,
accutek, polyskin, tegaderm and Mastisol.  The combination of accutek and
mastisol are what we are using now.  It will stick ok unless Zack is very
active & gets hot.  He doesn't seem to sweat a lot, but when he gets hot, the
tapes come right off even with using the mastisol.  Does anyone have any other
suggestions.  I am so worried what will happed when summer comes if we can't
get the tape to stick now.  What will we do when he plays sports or goes

Other than that, the pump has been pretty good.  We have him running good
during the day, but nights have been a problem, either too high or too low.
Hopefully we will get that figured out soon--- I'd love to have a decent
nights sleep again.

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