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[IP] A1c meaninful or less meaningful

I don't spend a lot of time obsessing about it (there's only so
much I can do, after all, and everyone's diabetes is different so
you really can't compare) and realize it's not an exact science
either. There are lots of variables that affect it. It's just
embarrassing to send bgs to the dr once a month, who says they
are outstanding and that we're knocking ourselves out, then to
have the A1C come in and it's higher than either of us expected.
I always feel like he must think we fudge numbers or something!
:) It's even worse when the dr says (as he has a couple of times
over the past year), "We should be able to do better than this on
the pump." **OUCH!** (He blames *himself* for it though, saying
*he* should be more on top of things!!! And *I* feel responsible
since the daily management is all in *my* hands. We're learning
this together so I don't think it's *either* of our "faults"
really...it's just part of the learning curve.) I set goals and
try to be diligent about making sure my daughter boluses when
she's supposed to (and she homeschools so you'd think that would
be easy) - it's just a LOT of work to still get the same (or
higher) A1C's as we did on MDI. I learned a long time ago not to
compare A1C's with others, but it's hard not to compare my
daughter's own A1C's between MDI and pumping. I'm not expecting
any miracles or overnight success with pumping (never have) but
pumping *should* improve the A1C's (and we're starting to see
that, finally. The hard work is starting to pay off.) I'm glad I
got on this list *before* we ever started pumping because I feel
it prepared me well and I was not as shocked as I would've been
otherwise (with the A1C's going up instead of down.) :)
Natalie said:
Well, A1c's are not as precise as we've been lead to believe.
(sone snipped)
With that in mind, just try for the best YOU can do, and never
compare numbers with anyone else, and don't believe the charts,
Kerri, Natalie is right on here. its only an index to the sugars that went 
before you did it and at that a pretty rough guide. we have no available 
blood test to measure damage by high sugars so we use this test which is 
well accepted in the diabetes folklore we put so much faith in. I guess 
that the real breakthrough here would be a reproducible and accurate 
glycation index test. Anyway its not so important. The important thing is 
reduction of complications which screw up your body the lower the numbers, 
the better you are at your control but in the overall scheme of things it 
not much different if it was 7.3 or 6.3, I like the lower numbers but I'm 
not sure they are significant by much. Hypoglycemia isn't good either. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
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