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No Subject

"I was wondering if anyone on the list has ever taken any of the diet drugs
like xenical(sp?) ? I have been very unhappy with my weight for a while but"
I myself am overweight and to get Xenical you have to be a certain 
percentage overweight. I luckily (HAHA) made it and have been using the med 
for 6 months-my insurance pays for it. You have to gradually add it to your 
routine. DO NOT TAKE IT 3 TIMES a day to start. You have to ramp up to 
it.  I now take it once or twice a day. It not only blocks the fat. It 
reminds you not to eat at Long John Silvers!! You can have horrible side 
effects if you eat to much fat. I have lost 34 lbs over the last 6 months. 
So it does work.

I hope all on the list have a very Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to 
all- You all have been a treasure to me for support and encouragement!
Health and Wellness to all-
Pumping for 3 1/2 years and Loving it!
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