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Re: [IP] Re: Thyroid

RE:  Thyroid

My son was 2 when he was dxd with hypERthyroid.  Extremely rare for a
MALE (and to have HYPER) especially as young as he was.  His dr. thinks
he probably had it at 6 mos old prior to getting the diabeties which was
misdxd until he was DKA at 14 mos.

Anyway - he was on synthroid and tapazole for just about 2 yrs. and we
have now successfully taken him off both meds back in October.  There is
very little research about children as young as he was with this
condition, but, the thought is that it could correct itself and be ok
(who knows for how long).  The condition may come back.  Sooo, maybe
it's not for life - or for some its on again off again.  We'll have to

Mom to Andrew dxd 14 mos / now 4 1/2 - pumping insuling tomorrow!!! -
Dec 19th

J Hughey wrote:
> > Lauren started showing a small goiter on
> > her Thyroid about two years ago. In the past nine months it has grown
> > considerably -- you can actually see it sticking out on her neck. Six months
> > ago her TSH was 2.8. Two weeks ago it was 4.9 but the endo (whom I respect
> > immensely) said it's still fine and within range. She has not been feeling
> > her beast and her #'s have been kind of crazy. Could she be hypothyroid now?
> > He said she would stop growing and her hair would stop growing when she
> > truly was. I'm curious: should I push him to look closer at this?
> > Moira, Mom of Lauren, 9, who will be pumping in Jan
> Moira,
> She is young, but DM is supposed to hit *old* people, too. In '78 (and before)
> my neck was so large I couldn't button a size 16 blouse. I was choking in the
> middle of the night - sitting bolt upright in my sleep to get air. When I had
> my 2nd baby in '62 they began *watching* my thyroid. I insisted on a test in
> '78. The GP I had then, said I was within range. I couldn't go on like that
> for fear I was going to die in the middle of the night from choking. At my GYN
> app't I mentioned it to him. He said it wouldn't hurt to put me on Synthroid -
> but ask GP again. If he wouldn't, GYN said he would. So I said that to GP and
> I was put on Synthroid (Levothyroxin is the generic). Within a short time I
> had no problems buttoning the neck of a size 14 (very small size for any men
> who don't know women's sizes) within a short time.  DMers have weird bodies,
> and if she requires this hormone supplement, get it for her from someone who
> can Rx it.  Dr. Spot says the tests are wrong - the patient is right!
> I've heard others say, "When you start taking that, you have to take it the
> rest of your life!" Well, I have to take insulin the rest of my life too. If
> you need it, you need it. (~_^)
> BTW, has anyone heard anything about the Synthroid lawsuit (or whatever that
> was) outcome - about overpricing or something?
> Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
> http://maxpages.com/bludasue
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