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Re: [IP] Amazing difference!

   My closest friend's favorite word when it comes to parenting is PERCEPTION 
& that surely applies to one's attitudes about "high bgs" pre and post pump 
therapy. My almost 18 yr old daughter awoke today with a bg of 174 & I 
actually did hear myself saying to her" hmmm...running a little high?"...to 
which she nodded & shrugged, knowing that she typically awakens in the 
100-140 range. A bg over 250 is fairly uncommon & almost always attributable 
to "mis-guesstimating" her carbs, barring the more obvious pump related 
    Admittedly though, a MAJOR portion of the credit for the improved bgs is 
being on the far side of puberty, as evidenced by her dramatically decreased 
basal rates as compared to almost 5 yrs when she began pumping. When such 
minute tenth of a unit changes can so greatly improve one's diabetes care, it 
seems almost unconscienable that doctors are downplaying the benefits of pump 
therapy to patients.
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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