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RE: [IP] A1c's

Natalie Sera [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Well, A1c's are not as precise as we've been lead to believe. 
> There is a
> paper quoted in the FAQ of misc.health.diabetes which shows that it
> varies as much as 1% from person to person (that is, your 7% 
> might be my
> 6% and someone else's 8%)

It also depends on the test methodology used.  If the test is done in the
physician's office, chances are that it is a waived category lab test.  That
means an automated system that does not have to be as precise as the
moderate/high complexity tests typically done by independent labs.

I did some research on this about a year ago (and posted it on another
list).  If anyone's interested, I'll see if I can dig it out again and send
it on.  The basic precision and accuracy standards for these tests are
developed by a branch of the division I work for at CDC.

Jim Handsfield
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