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[IP] A1c's

Kerri wrote:
> One other thing...what's really frustrating for ME is that I
> average the bgs, etc and they'll look pretty decent, but then
> when we do the A1C, it is not where the numbers say it should be.
> Frustrating (esp after all the work I put into the management. It
> would be nice to see better results)!!! I guess maybe we are just
> catching a lot of in-range numbers and missing some high ones.

Well, A1c's are not as precise as we've been lead to believe. There is a
paper quoted in the FAQ of misc.health.diabetes which shows that it
varies as much as 1% from person to person (that is, your 7% might be my
6% and someone else's 8%)

With that in mind, just try for the best YOU can do, and never compare
numbers with anyone else, and don't believe the charts, either. 

Just for example, I test at all times of the day and night, but MOST of
my tests are aimed at catching either the peak or the valley (i.e.
2-hour post-prandial, 4-hour PP or pre-prandial), and NONE of my
averages during ANY time block are under 120, and some of them are in
the 150 to 170 range -- but my last A1c was 5.3. According to the
charts, I should really have one somewhere around 6.5 or so. 

Do I really believe I'm averaging non-diabetic A1c's? No way! And I
DON'T have hypoglycemia awareness, and am almost never hypo. 

I just figure there is something in MY body chemistry that prevents
glycation, or that cycles red cells faster than normal, or possibly some
unusual hemoglobin, but I SURELY don't allow myself to be lulled into a
false sense of complacency.

On the other hand, if YOU'RE doing your best, and are pretty certain the
numbers are reasonably good at all times, there's really not anything
else you can do, and you shouldn't get TOO worked up about it -- just be
sure you're checking at a lot of different times, and correcting
appropriately when necessary. You have to preserve your OWN sanity, and
both of you have to live your lives, too! 
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