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On 17 Dec 2000, at 22:14, Melissa Howell wrote:

> I know this is a far off question but does anyone know of or heard of a
> calculation to get a round about A1C level by looking at your BG's over the
> past few months?  It just seems that there should be a round about
> calculation that can help determine an estimate of A1C.
> I know that more low BG's give a lower A1C and more highs give a higher
> A1C-but how many lows and how many highs give what number?
> Sorry if this is confusing or makes no sense-I am typing on a low :)
> Thanks for any help...

Also remember that labs have different methods for determining the 
A1c and so this formula may not correspond exactly:

y = (x + 60)/30

y = A1c
x = your calculated average

so for example, an estimated A1c based on your calculated 
average of 126 would be 6.2:

6.2 =(126+60)/30
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