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[IP] Re: Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

"A. Bender, M. D." wrote:

> CTS is usually more frequent in diabetes than in non diabetics because of
> the swelling of the nerves because of diabetic neuropathy and thickening of
> the transverse flexor retinaculum of the wrist a membranous tissue which
> thickens secondary to glycation of the proteins in it by diabetic
> hyperglycemia. In addition it may occur in those of us with hypothyroidism
> secondary to nerve swelling. It is often operated on as a treatment but
> frequently the operation provides no relief of the pains and tingling in
> the fingers of diabetic patients because the neuropathic changes may not
> reverse after a carpal tunnel releasing operation.

It provided great relief for me.  I guess this is a ymmv.  When I had the
operation I had not really had any/much neurapathic damage.  It is 23 years
later and I still have very little neuropathy in my hands, although I do have
it in my feet.

> The diagnosis is
> established by nerve conduction velocity tests. normally it takes only abou
> 3.1 milliseconds for an electrical pulse to cross the wrist but in carpel
> tunnel it may take as long as 4.0 ms. numbers vary for each
> electromyographer and are  you guessed it YMMV. The presence of tingling in
> the finger tips when the median nerve is tapped as it passes thru the wrist
> is further evidence of CTS (Tinel's sign). Often if nocturnal pains are the
> chief problem for operation, application of wrist splints "futura" wrist
> splints with spoons. can give relief from that These can be purchased
> without a prescription in a surgical supply store. The spoon part should
> fit into your palm. apply them at night after washing your hands with warm
> water and massaging the wrists with lotion. Wear then to bed. Just because
> your pain is relieved is no reason to assume you are cured. If you notice
> trouble buttoning your clothes with that hand or turning a key in a lock
> you have significant weakness and may need surgery to halt its progression.
> Spot
> A Bender, M. D.
> email @ redacted

I do believe that mine is cured.  It is 23 years later and I still have had no
recurrence, even though the surgeon said that it was possible.  Mine may have
been different (ymmv) because it was caused by very heavy recurring strain
(sledge hammer, jack hammer and piling 90 lb lead bullets) so that the ct
preceded the neuropathic damage (?) and may (?) have even helped alleviate some
of it.

Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
When I was young, I could remember anything, whether it happened or not.
 - Mark Twain
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