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[IP] Re: Long Night (Robin)

Hi there Robin, you could have been writing about our night last night
no kidding!  The only difference is my son is 4!  Anyway, there I was
testing him every hour praying for a drop in bg so I could go to sleep
peacefully, but it kept going up...and up...and finally I knew I had to
do something.  SO--1am I am whacking bubbles from a syringe and
replacing his reservoir and tubing, figured if that worked changing the
site could wait as it was only a day old. Crossed my fingers and by an
hour later he was dropping nicely..THEN by 4am I had to pull out the
Sweet-tarts as he dropped low!  and same thing 2 hours later!  I think
all the boluses I gave him earlier were catching up!

So yes, you have an ally in me...*yawn* I am a walking zombie every day
and look like I am 54 not 34! I remember the days when someone would
call us at 10am and I would be mad wondering who on earth was up at that
hour!!! LOL!!!

ANyway, have a good sleep and we'll cross our fingers for better numbers
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