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[IP] carpal tunnel syndrome

Subject: [IP] Re: carpal tunnel syndrome

email @ redacted wrote:
[spot encloses answers in brackets]
> Thank you for the reply.  One of the things I need to get
> clarification on is
> whether the carpal tunnel is being directly affected by what nerve
> test
> indicated was mild general neuropathy.[ nerve conduction velocity across
the carpal tunnel = distal latency at the wrist of greater than 3.5 ms is
abnormal in my lab][ the median nerve is the nerve tested]

I did not have much neurapathy at the time.  I had only been T1 for 9
years.[ how was the neuropathy quantitated its hard to quantitate]

> It seemed to me from the orthopedist
> that the carpal tunnel was not necessarily caused by the same factors
> that
> would trigger it in others (inflamation/overuse), but more related to
> diabetes/the nerves.[yes, the dm causes nerves to swell in the carpal

The only thing that I've heard is that dm makes it easier to contract
it.  When I got it, they said that there was no relation at all.  I have
since learned that many/most/all of my afflictions are dm related
(diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, gastro paresis, neurapathy, mild
pharygneal aphasia, former frozen shoulder, occasional trigger finger,
impotent etc.)   Now if something happens, it will have to be proven
that it is not related.[prove that is wasn't - they cant and you cant]

> Ever hear that?  I have a lot of things to look into.
> I am fairly young

I was 28 at the time.

> and just looking for any additional information.  Thank you
> so much for taking the time to write. Have a happy holiday season
> MS

hope this helps, spot
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