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[IP] site change question

Last night, when changing sites (Micro QR), I once again forgot to 
remove the little adhesive protectors before "sofserting" it into my 
leg.  When I did that before, I was able to carefully reach under and 
pull them out, but this time, I didn't notice it until after I'd put on the 
IV3000.  I ended up taking it out and throwing it away and starting 

I was wondering...... has anyone ever just reinserted it?  In this 
case, I couldn't, because I'd already put down the IV3000.  But in 
that previous incident, the thought occurred to me to just reinsert 
with the sofserter.

AND, this time, using a new set, I inserted it about a 1/2 inch away 
from where my mistake was.  Is that a problem, being so close to 
where my boo-boo one was?  

p.s.  I seem to finally be making progress with this pump control.  
This past week, I only had two readings above 180.  Not good 
enough yet for pregnancy, but still, pretty darned good 
improvement!  YAY!!!!!
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