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[IP] MM Fantasy.... Com Station

Peter Wrote:

>For more information about downloading information from your pump see:
>MiniMed Solutions combines information downloaded from your pump with
>information downloaded from your meter (currently Lifescan and Roche
>meters)into graphs and reports.
>Remember that to use this software, you will need the Com-Station.
>I don't know if the software or the com-station is already available to the
>general public but it wont be cheap - a MiniMed representative told me the
>Com-station would cost somewhere between 300-400$ (in Belgium) ...

According to the info from my MINIMED rep the "COM STATION was to be 
available to the general public Feb. 2000, at a cost of $395.00 US.
Note My calls to this rep and company have not been returned since my pump 
was paid for. I have rec'd calls for the purchase of more supplies.

>The CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitor) uses the same Com-Station and maybe
>the same software(MiniMed Solutions), so check at your local diabetes
>healthcare center if a CGMS/Com-Station is available ...

**** This I'm told is only available to licensed doctors, and not for 
general use.

>Last month I was hooked up to a CGMS and afterwards we tried if the
>installed software could read my 508-pump but it didn't work: I think they
>need to upgrade to a newer version of the software. I will try to contact
>the MiniMed representative and check this.
>- Peter Helmers

My original question was That thousands of these pumps where sold with this 
great memory to be downloaded, how many others like me bought the pump for 
that reason.
To me this seems like a deceptive practice, and they still advertise the 
memory to be downloaded.
   Whats the point if it can not be used?

I'll be glad to keep a list of those people who feel some what like me.  
Write to me directly so as not to over load the IP site. This will be for 
numbers to present to those nessary to hopefully effect a change for the 
Note No release of any information will be from this listing.
Those who have all ready expressed an intrest in this Thank You.

Dan B.     email @ redacted

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