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[IP] RE: Medical Terminology

  >What kind of doctor would give a diagnosis of "euthyroid"
>  >anyway?? Why not just use regular language, instead of
>  >doctor-speak?

My opinion on this would be for you to just say, "I don't understand
medical terminology.  Could you tell me what this is so I can?"  If you
don't understand, ASK.  Unfortunately, this is your job.

Yes, he SHOULD know better as the general public does not know m.t.,
however, you should ask.

Well, I guess people will cringe, but, my 2 y/o is learning medical
terminology.  I am hoping he will pick up my love of medicine and become a
physician one day.

PS------ HOW COME this site doesn't have a "REGULAR BBS?" I mean, yesterday
I had to sift through 44 mess before finding personal ones... Yes, I enjoy
listening to everyones opinions/ideas, however, it is really overwhelming
some days... I have never seen this type of messaging before...

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