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Re: [IP] Site Longevity in Pumping Kids/Teens

I have to respond to this topic because it blows my mind.  Here I was 
thinking we were the only ones experiencing this type of 'syndrom'.  Josh, 9 
yo, has GREAT numbers for about one day on a site then it seems like we are 
bolusing big amounts the next couple of days to keep his numbers down 
somewhat.  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong!

  So this is something that others of you out there are experiencing with 
your kids...WHEW!!!!!  My son is extremely skinny so we have gone to the MM 
sof-sets.  He is on the Dis H-Tron.  I mean I get so excited about good 
numbers but then boom, they go away.  I really get discouraged when I read 
how people on the pump for a few weeks or a couple of months and they end up 
with perfect numbers and perfect or better A1C's.  VERY discouraging for me.  
I'm glad that I am not alone.  THANK YOU ladies for sharing your similar 

sylvia staten
mom to Joshua
email @ redacted
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