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[IP] long night

Hi all.

We have had a rough few months with Kevins bgs. In early November we had to 
decrease his basals by about 1/2 due to so many lows. We were thinking it 
could be the sets and him being so thin. Then he got a virus, ended up with a 
stomach flu and a day in the hospital. 2 weeks ago he got a cold, and the 
bg's have been so high, we were correcting all the time AND had his basals at 
160%! That broke the other day, and we hit normal. I'm afraid to see what the 
HgA1C will be! Anyway, with so much change going on, and his nights have been 
weird, there have been very few nights that we haven't gotten up at least 2-3 
times! We are pooped!

LAST night, Kevin forgot his bolus at 10pm after having about 70 carbs. We 
noticed when we checked him at 11:30 and he was 355! OH MY. We bolused 2 
units, and checked in 1.5 hours. He was then 410! (yeowza) We noticed he was 
out of insulin! (it was on his book to change today) I changed that, we 
bolused 2.0 units and checked in 1.5 hours again. It slowly came down, but we 
were up all night!

His 2nd anniversary is Tuesday 12/19 (my daughters 15th bd) and I still say 

Thanks for listening...no one else to tell all this too who understands the 

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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