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[IP] Site Longevity in Pumping Kids/Teens

When Erica first started pumping in March of 1999, her sites easily
lasted 3 days, sometimes 4 although that was usually a result of
forgetting a site change, not planned :)
After two glorious months, that all changed when we started seeing
numbers go steadily upwards after 24-30 hours and no amount of bolusing
would bring them down.  A site change would rememdy the problem
immediately, but again we would need a change at 24-30 hours.  We were

Then...all our friends at the IP urged us to try the mix of insulin
which was a Godsend!!  We mix Humalog with Regular insulin at a ratio of
5H:1R.  Her sites all last 3 days easily now.  The most productive sites
are her upper butt, back, and stomach least of all.  Because we move all
over these areas, there is a lot of time for tissue to heal and within 3
days of removing a Sil, we cannot find where the site had been.  It
disappears :)  This actually is a bit of a problem because we don't want
to put it back in the same place it was 3 days previous. We go from left
side, to right side, to left side....

We had been so frightened to try this mixing of insulins, because
although it is a simple procedure, if it didn't work we would have no
other avenue then to stop pumping because Erica's small body would not
be able to cope with daily site changes.

Anyway....it did work, wonderfully.  It is easy to do, although a pain
in the butt, but hey.. I have to think back to the days of multiple
injections, schedules, erratic and uncontrollable sugars to remember
that mixing insulin, keeping an eye on sugars, and inserting a sil every
3-4 days is really easy.  Once spoiled it is hard to remember how things
were in the past....YUCK!  They were dreadful....

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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