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[IP] Re: Leave of absence

Brenda Martinez writes about her daughter's trials

<<  Now her employer, Fed-Ex, has given her a leave of absence - not 
 because her diabetes has caused a problem, but because it could.   >>

Brenda - I think your daughter WILL have to fight and the ADA (American 
Disabilities Act) is the tool to do it with.  In the October issue of 
Diabetic Forecast (p46-47) there's a questionnaire from the Diabetes 
Association asking for information from those who have been the victims of 
discrimination.  I also remember the story in the Forecast about a pilot who 
had to fight (and won) to get/keep his license.  I can't locate it right now. 

 I think the Diabetic Association can advocate and provide information for 
both you and your daughter.  It's not fair and I'm sure it feel overwhelming 
but each person who takes on this fight helps not only themselves but also 
millions of others.  Please keep us posted.  Jill T
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