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[IP] A1Cs not improved after pumping

In a message dated 12/16/2000 9:48:52 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I'm
>  hoping that when we get the D-Tron in January, we can
>  spot trends better (it's supposed to have infra-red
>  computer downloadability but not sure when the
>  software for that will come out). 

In the chat with Disetronic the other nights (on the IP web site -- you can 
view transcripts in the archive, I believe), Rem from Disetronic said that 
the software for pump users (as opposed to the one for medical professionals) 
will hopefully be out this summer.  

One point that I wanted to make is that being able to download your boluses 
and basals won't be all that helpful if you're not also logging (on paper, on 
your computer, a PDA, or whatever) other critical pieces of the puzzle like 
blood glucose levels, carb counts, foods being eaten, exercise, stressful 
events, growth (for kids), etc.  If you can't match all that up with what you 
download, I don't see that you're really getting any useful information just 
from downloading insulin data from your pump.

Also, I thought I'd pass on an observation from a long time (7-8 years) 
pumper that made sense to me . . . Especially with kids that are new pumpers, 
if you're logging everything and adjusting basals and bolus ratios and you're 
still have problems with good control -- Try getting more education/training 
for improving your (and your child's) skills in carb counting/estimating 
(especially when you're eating away from home -- at school, restaurants, fast 
food places, etc.). . . While it's still possible that growth/puberty are 
major factors in control, there's not much you can do about them -- but your 
carb counting is something you CAN work on . . .

Just my $.02
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