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[IP] Only 36 - 48 hours on a site

 I just wanted to say that my 10 year old son has been
> pumping since July and although he likes being more
> independant and having a more flexible lifestyle, his
> bgs have not been all that great 


> Michael also only
> gets about 48 out of his sites before the highs appear
> with consistancy.  I'm also hoping that the ultraflex
> will help in that respect.  The CDE told us that the
> sites don't last very long because he is very young
> and his body is trying to heal over the cannula,
> hindering absorbtion. 

Short site life is a typical symptom of sensitivity to HUMALOG. For 
many pumpers this problem can be eliminated and site life extend to 3 
or more days by mixing a small amount of Velosulin with the Humalog. 
If you check the ABOUT page of the web site you will see that about 
5% of the list membership mixes H & V including my daughter Lily. 
When she started pumping 6 years ago, the was not Humalog and she 
used Velosulin exclusively. She changed her site twice a week (still 
does) on the 3rd and 4th day respectively. When Humalog became 
available she switched to that and her bg's started to become 
unstable, sites lasting only 1 1/2 to 2 day at the most. We switched 
back to Velosulin for a month to stabalize her bg's then tried a mix 
of 5 parts H and 1 part V (tried others too). This mixture provided 
her site life in excess of 4 days (never gone beyond that) and stable 
bg's but with the all the seeming advantages of H's quick response.

If you think this might help your son, I'd suggest switching to 
Velosulin for a week or two to verify that his site life is extend 
and that Humalog sensitivity is the problem. If you this can be 
verified then an insulin mix may be the answer for him.

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