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Re: [IP] Re: *-ologists*

When I told my family physician that I wanted to go on the pump, his first 
words were "Go see the endocronologist".  He actually does specialize in 
diabetes care, but for something as "advanced" as the pump, he was much more 
comfortable sending me out.  I thank him immensely for that.

You must remember, though.  This is your health, not theirs.  If your Dr. (of 
any type), cannot or will not give you the care you need and deserve, fire 
them.  They, in essence, are working for you.

This is most definately my own opinion, but after years of dealing with Dr.'s 
that I didn't like or just wouldn't help me take care of my diabetes, this is 
the position I took and it has worked well for me.

Michelle Tilton
Pumping since 12/1/00
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