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No Subject

 >problems I
 > > won't go into) then I stop the iron.
 >I have been anemic for about 40 years. I bled heavily with large clots
 >for 15 years and was always tired and out of sorts (as well as high BGs
 >undetermined with lack of pee tests as only method). I had a hysterectomy
 >'79 due to endometriosis, but am still anemic now due to the kidney failure
 >(18% function). I take 300 mg. daily of Niferex iron. I know the other
 >problems you are talking about, but my instructions are to NOT have ANY
 >products 2 hrs. either side of the dose intake. I TRY to take them about
 >p.m. - that way it's probably 2 hrs. after lunch and 2 hrs. before dinner.
 >Then once in awhile I'll goof and have an ice cream cone and it causes
---------------------Well your anemia is the anemia of chronic disease, 
renal failure.
The use of Epogen, or Procrit has eliminated some of those treatments but 
it too is very expensive. Urine testing is still used today by some docs 
despite proof that it is without value in modern management of diabeasties. 
Another good reason to keep your BP down and take ACE inhibitors Jan. and 
PS don't Smoke either. Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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