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[IP] thyroid dz

Wow, this was interesting to me. Lauren started showing a small goiter on
her Thyroid about two years ago. In the past nine months it has grown
considerably -- you can actually see it sticking out on her neck. Six months
ago her TSH was 2.8. Two weeks ago it was 4.9 but the endo (whom I respect
immensely) said it's still fine and within range. She has not been feeling
her beast and her #'s have been kind of crazy. Could she be hypothyroid now?
He said she would stop growing and her hair would stop growing when she
truly was. I'm curious: should I push him to look closer at this?
Mom of Lauren, 9, who will be pumping in Jan
Spot opines:
hypothyroidism is very common in IDDM often IDDM people have other 
endocrine abnormalities. I agree in part with your doc but why can't the 
patient be correct and the book be wrong? The cost of thyroid function 
studies is really rather minimal compared to trying to treat Lauren's bg's 
and arrested growth Is he waiting for a small sign to pop up and annouce 
hypothyroidism. Another possibility is Hashimoto's which is an autoimmune 
throid disease closely related to IDDM. if he won't test insist on seeing a 
thyroid specialist, an endo that does thyroid disease.  Spot
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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