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[IP] List Etiquette

Hi Pumpers!

It's about that time to remind everyone of some list etiquette for Insulin 
Pumpers.  Some these affect message sizes - which directly affect our 
servers, disk space, and cost of download time for customers who pay per 
minute.  Please understand that there is a rationale behind every request.

1.  Carefully think about your e mail "signature".  Insulin Pumpers 
appreciates it if you keep your signature line to 1 or 2 lines at the most. 
There can be as many as 100 or more messages a day on this list and the 
(huge) digest, read by  many members, contains that signature line for 
every message you post.

2.  One line "me too" messages responding to others' one line "atta boy 
/girl" messages are best directed to individuals, not to the entire list. 
These messages add significantly to the volume of mail delivered to users, 
and can make searching for information difficult.

3.  "Snip" portions of messages you are responding to that are not critical 
to the understanding of your response. Try to keep your responses as short 
as possible. This is often done by use of <snip> to show you've deleted a 
portion of the original message. <Snip> the portion that's not important, 
then continue your response below this section. This is very easy to get 
accustomed to, and helps keep our mail list manageable.

4.  The primary reason for this list is to discuss insulin pumps and 
diabetes care.  Please try to refrain from posting off topic messages.

And as a reminder.... It is not the intent of the Insulin Pumpers mail 
lists to offer medical advice. Information referenced in list messages 
should be checked with your health care team. Please check your references 
before submitting information to the list. Remember, YMMV -Your Mileage May 
Vary. Each of us is different, and reacts differently to our health conditions.

Second, it only takes one SPAM offense to be booted from the list.  If you 
are unsure whether what you are sending would be considered spam, then it 
probably is!

Thanks, the Administrators of Insulin Pumpers
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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