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[IP] euthyroid; funk

>What kind of doctor would give a diagnosis of "euthyroid"  
>anyway??  Why not just use regular language, instead of 

Don't you just want to shake them? But it's my experience
from dealing with doctors at work (I'm a medical writer) that
many of them just can't help talking that way. Not all, of course.
Some people, including some doctors, just aren't very verbal. 
They have trouble putting words together, so they speak in 
formulas and jargon.

>I'm in a funk - about thyroid, pumping, etc.  Nora had an 
>HbA1C yesterday - the first since starting pumping a month 
>ago.  Although its only been a month, her bgs have been really 
>great.  A lot better than on MDI, more stable, many more in her 
>target range, although we still get the occasional highs and lows.  
>Her first post-pump A1C was HIGHER than her pre-pump. (8.5
>vs 8.4%)  GRRRRRR.

Don't despair!  My first post-pump a1c was slightly higher than 
the last one I had, too -- but neither I nor my doctor has any doubt
that pumping will eventually bring down my numbers. Two things
to think about:

The a1c is an average. It doesn't know the difference between
having blood sugar hovering around 153 all day, and bouncing
around between 42 and 306. You say that Nora's numbers are
more stable, and that's great, but it might not show up in the a1c
until her blood sugars are lower *on average*.

And remember, the a1c measures average blood sugar over
the last 6-12 weeks. She's only been on the pump for a month.
so some of that pre-pump instability is still reflected in the number.
Did they do a fructosamine test? That measures bg over the last
2 (? I think) weeks.

You know things are better. The pump is making Nora's life, and 
your life, better. Of course it's important to get the a1c down, but 
that's just one part of the picture.

Good luck!

/Janet Lafler 
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