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[IP] Re: Thyroid

> Lauren started showing a small goiter on
> her Thyroid about two years ago. In the past nine months it has grown
> considerably -- you can actually see it sticking out on her neck. Six months
> ago her TSH was 2.8. Two weeks ago it was 4.9 but the endo (whom I respect
> immensely) said it's still fine and within range. She has not been feeling
> her beast and her #'s have been kind of crazy. Could she be hypothyroid now?
> He said she would stop growing and her hair would stop growing when she
> truly was. I'm curious: should I push him to look closer at this?
> Moira, Mom of Lauren, 9, who will be pumping in Jan

She is young, but DM is supposed to hit *old* people, too. In '78 (and before)
my neck was so large I couldn't button a size 16 blouse. I was choking in the
middle of the night - sitting bolt upright in my sleep to get air. When I had
my 2nd baby in '62 they began *watching* my thyroid. I insisted on a test in
'78. The GP I had then, said I was within range. I couldn't go on like that
for fear I was going to die in the middle of the night from choking. At my GYN
app't I mentioned it to him. He said it wouldn't hurt to put me on Synthroid -
but ask GP again. If he wouldn't, GYN said he would. So I said that to GP and
I was put on Synthroid (Levothyroxin is the generic). Within a short time I
had no problems buttoning the neck of a size 14 (very small size for any men
who don't know women's sizes) within a short time.  DMers have weird bodies,
and if she requires this hormone supplement, get it for her from someone who
can Rx it.  Dr. Spot says the tests are wrong - the patient is right!

I've heard others say, "When you start taking that, you have to take it the
rest of your life!" Well, I have to take insulin the rest of my life too. If
you need it, you need it. (~_^)

BTW, has anyone heard anything about the Synthroid lawsuit (or whatever that
was) outcome - about overpricing or something?

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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