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Re: [IP] Help! Crazy numbers and only 36-48 hours/site

On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Pam Wellin wrote:

> Thanks for the input.  It's nice to know that someone else is still (after 6
> years!) also on duty "24/7."  I'm looking forward to the day when the CBGM
> is hooked up to the pump, creating a "smart" pump!  How do you handle the
> sleep deprivation, and does Lily ever wake up as a result of feeling low and
> take care of herself (realize this is sounding a little selfish...Gus and
I don't mind waking up as long as I can go right back to sleep. Lily
starts to test and if she assures me she feels OK it just hop back in 
bed. If her test is ng, she will bolus down or if low come into my room 
and stay until her bg's are up -- I just check her every 30 min or so 
until she stabalizes. This doesn't happen often, but it's a routine that 
works well. She eats enough glucose to reach 150 and we check in half an 
hour. When she's low it takes 2 - 3 iterations to get her bg's to stabilize 
near 100. Last night was one of those nights, but I got to sleep and mom 
did the duty.

> Lily have the DM, we only have to help manage...maybe it's the holiday
> season that's pushing up the ante to send me over the proverbial edge.)

That's what kids ar fore :-) other wise we'd never get grey hair or go crazy.

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