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[IP] Re: euthyroid; funk

Why use the big words? Because they didn't go to med school for
nothin'! ;)

As for the A1C going UP, we had the same thing happen (didn't go
up by much but it still went up instead of down.) It is finally
on it's way back down...took us about 9mos to get it back down
though (I'm not saying this to discourage you, just to prepare
you in case it takes longer than a few months.) Guess some people
just take longer and some seemingly do it overnight. Don't
despair...it WILL come down. I also wondered if thyroid was the
culprit in our case because 1) thyroid problems run heavily in my
family and 2) thyroid problems often go hand in hand with
diabetes. And 3) she also has a cholesterol problem (discovered
at the ripe old age of 9!!!) which is mostly due to genetics
(heavy cholesterol probs on both sides of the family) but I've
also read about there being a connection between cholesterol and
thyroid problems (wish I could remember where I saw that.) But,
the endo said her thyroid levels were fine last time he checked.
They'll get checked again in a few months so we shall see! 

Hope this helps! 

Sally said:
What kind of doctor would give a diagnosis of "euthyroid" 
anyway??  Why not just use regular language, instead of
(some snipped)
I'm in a funk - about thyroid, pumping, etc.  Nora had an HbA1C
yesterday - the first since starting pumping a month ago. 
Although its only been a month, her bgs have been really great. 
A lot better than on MDI, more 
stable, many more in her target range, although we still get the
occasional highs and lows.  Her first post-pump A1C was HIGHER
than her pre-pump. (8.5 vs 8.4%)  GRRRRRR.
(some snipped)
The doctor sent us for a blood draw to re-check Nora's TSH and
T4, in case thyroid is a culprit; the nurse educator said
sometimes it takes 2 to 3 months of pumping for the improvement
in A1C to show up.  I'm confused.

Take care, Kerri, alulitsuti (mother of many children) & the
little guy due 3/10/01 
"There is a special magic and holiness about the girl and woman.
They are the bringers of life to the people, and the teachers of
the little children." - Sweet Medicine, Cheyenne
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