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[IP] RE: Granola Bars...

Granola Bars...(help?)

>> << Hi there:  My son has been having Nature Valley Granola bars for the
>>  last 3 days (peanut butter flavor) and the box claims they have 14.1g
>>  per bar, and he eats the 2 in the package.
>> 144 at Bfast is kinda high don't you think?  Also, if he is flying THAT
> high (360!!) after, he needs MORE of a bolus than what he gave. . perhaps
> his carbo ratio is off? Or, depending on his age, hormones kicking in??  I
> use the ratio, 10 carbs = 1.0 unit of insulin..

I'd be thrilled if my son were 144 all of the time! I'm not sure how old 
the original poster's child was, but for young kids, the target BG is
Anything lower is too risky! My son has literally been in the 20s before and
showed absolutely no signs of being low - he was running around feeling
just fine. I'm not sure what would have happened if we hadn't tested him
when we did!

My son (who just turned four) can not tolerate certain things at breakfest. 
I'd be curious as to whether the same Granola bars work with the same bolus 
later in the day. We've experienced that with several foods. I have been
to cover a lot of them by changing the delivery method for breakfest. I give

him most of the insulin about 20 minutes after he eats.

So the fat theory proposed earlier was a good one, but I don't understand
it only happens at breakfest (at least in our case). With us, the same food
later in the day just needs a single bolus right after he eats. If we do
at breakfest, he shoots up into the 300s or 400s. 

Note, more insulin only made it worse. I think he was rebounding. It was 
definitely playing with the timing of insulin (rather than the carb ratio)
that helped us. We also tried using a square wave bolus, but that that
seem to give us enough of a peak. Splitting the doses worked better.

Anyone else out there seen similar behavior?

Mom to Ryan (age 4, dx'd 2/9/00 and pumping since 8/17/00), 
    and Celia (age 6 and non-diabetic)
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