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[IP] euthyroid; funk

What kind of doctor would give a diagnosis of "euthyroid"  anyway??  Why not 
just use regular language, instead of doctor-speak?

I'm in a funk - about thyroid, pumping, etc.  Nora had an HbA1C yesterday - 
the first since starting pumping a month ago.  Although its only been a 
month, her bgs have been really great.  A lot better than on MDI, more 
stable, many more in her target range, although we still get the occasional 
highs and lows.  Her first post-pump A1C was HIGHER than her pre-pump. (8.5 
vs 8.4%)  GRRRRRR.

Pumping is wonderful, and I wouldn't go back to MDI for anything.  Our 
lifestyle is great, Nora feels better, and I'm glad to have this state of 
the art treatment for her.  I just don't get it why her A1C went up when our 
frequent testing indicates otherwise.

What is the probability of testing error with the A1C machine (Bayer DCA 
2000 I think?) Are there sample size errors like there sometimes are with 

The doctor sent us for a blood draw to re-check Nora's TSH and T4, in case 
thyroid is a culprit; the nurse educator said sometimes it takes 2 to 3 
months of pumping for the improvement in A1C to show up.  I'm confused.

Sally, mom to Nora, 6, Animas pumper 11/00
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