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[IP] T0oday's kids

Michael writes:
After 6+ years of checking Lily (now 17) in the middle of the night,
I too can only add that her numbers are unpredictible. Usually they
are ok, but often enough to keep me checking, she will be
unexplainably high or low. It has gotten better this year as she
appears to have stopped growing (for now?). Her schedule and sports
activities appear to affect bg's, but I've never been able to pin
down how, not even close. I guess there are just to many variables.
Her life is much easier than it was pre-pump, but it is still a bit
of a battle. What I have noticed is that if she has several 'vanilla'
days in a row with only moderate and routine activities, AND doesn't
eat too late then her bg's are usually very predictible at night.
Unfortunately, this is not her life style. ..... ahhh but what a life
:-) these kids have now a days.

Spot answers these kids don't follow any rules. we were told linear growth 
in women ceases at the menarche but my little runt daughter born 5 weeks 
premature grew right thru and until she was 21, Big Rachel now 5' 3" 
Nicholas Samuel and Elena Clair's mother. who still lives in Huntsville AL. 
;-)  Ask Renee Burnett, she knows all this young woman stuff Michael
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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