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[IP] Time to GO

Pumpers and Friends,
   Time to GO....I have had a bad time of it this two years. The last few days, have been Hell for me. My hand is sore and my BS are all over the place. I'm tried, I need to rest...so I'm taking a break so if my fellow chat hosts can take over for me. I'm tried of the fights, the flames, pump wars, and people forgetting to be nice to one and another. We have forgotten  IP was started to be a support group, to help each other, to show that Pumping Insulin was one of the best way to get insulin. It does not matter WHAT PUMP you use as long as you use one. It has been a joy for me to read and write e-mail, to talk in chat but not anymore. If you want to flame me so be it but I known how to fight that war... ie I can and will bring you down. I have other wars to win, my niece is in hospital and is very sick. She is on TPN as I was until last month. I need to tell my Girlfriend that I love her. I will be back it is just a time for a break. So................................



ps:I wish everyone a HAPPY HOLIDAY  & A GREAT NEW YEAR
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