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[IP] Hypo thyroid

Having said this, some people say they feel
> >like hell at TSH levels much less than 5.  Dead on normal is about a 1.
> >Some Endo's gauge you by the numbers AND how you feel.
> >Other Endos are "numbers" guys.  They feel that if you fall in the .5 to
> >range, you feel fine, no matter what you say.
> >Still other Endos consider you to be Hypothyroid if your TSH is greater
> >a 2.
> >This TSH range thing is a constant controversy in alt.
> >support.thyroid.-James
> - ----------------------------------------------------------

Wow, this was interesting to me. Lauren started showing a small goiter on
her Thyroid about two years ago. In the past nine months it has grown
considerably -- you can actually see it sticking out on her neck. Six months
ago her TSH was 2.8. Two weeks ago it was 4.9 but the endo (whom I respect
immensely) said it's still fine and within range. She has not been feeling
her beast and her #'s have been kind of crazy. Could she be hypothyroid now?
He said she would stop growing and her hair would stop growing when she
truly was. I'm curious: should I push him to look closer at this?

Mom of Lauren, 9, who will be pumping in Jan
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