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[IP] re: stress and bg's

Actually, most of the time I am not a snacker.  Only once in a great while
and I almost ALWAYS bolus since I don't usually graze.  My meals may happen
at odd times but I have checked and re-checked my carb counting and I'm
usually right on.
And as far as the stress goes--I find days when I am at the office all day
just dealing with normal every day things and yet my bg's will be funky.
I have never noticed a difference in foods with the glycemic index but I'm
thinking I need to do some closer checking here.

>Do you snack a lot? I DO with a two yr/old and found THAT IS my problem..
>it's JUST a bite here and there, BUT it adds up.. I do what is called,
>GRAZING & hardly ever sit down and eat a full meal.
>Also, stress can raise you up tremendously... I have had days of late just
>yelling at my son all day.... test, bam, sky high!
>I don't know how many people actually know about the HIGH GLYCEMIC INDEX
>but certain foods will throw you off bigtime.....simple things, like cream
>of wheat cereal, white bread, white potatoe & white rice, bananas, mangos,
>corn, etc.... while preg I had major prob's with certain foods on the index
>and it makes a BIG difference!
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