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[IP] pregnancy Wendy Capella

First, I (oh, and hubby too) DEFINITELY want a baby... but I am
wondering if any of you have had to add high blood pressure into the
equation? I am currently working on perfecting my numbers so that my
endo will give me the 'okay' to get pg. However, I'm also on several
medications for high blood pressure. I know they will have to be
changed to more 'pregnancy friendly' meds and wonder if anybody else had
to do this before they got pg? How did the change go and if their blood
pressure played a significant roll in their pregnancy?
I'm saying a prayer for all of you who are pg and those who are
considering it or trying to become..
Wendy C. & Kermit
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High Blood pressure diabetes and pregnancy are a bad combination. Just for 
the health of your kidneys you should get your BP down. There is nothing 
more destructive to a diabetic's kidneys than high BP, coupled with 
diabetes its a way to invite toxemia. Please get your BP down and get on 
ACE inhibitors. and then consider a pregnancy.  Renal failure is a forever 
thing and materially shortens your lifespan and quality of life. I hate 
being so blunt about it Spot
A Bender, M. D.
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