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[IP] Help! Crazy numbers and only 36-48 hours/site

Advice appreciated!  Thanks in advance to anyone willing to read this and
offer suggestions.

Gus's (8 pumping since 9/00) daytime numbers are fairly good, but we struggle
with two really different night time profiles.  After a set change he can be
116 at dinner, 76 at 9:00p.m. get a snack for which we bolus half the normal
ratio, and be 72 at midnight,reduce the basal rate by half until the next
test, be 168 at 2 a.m., and 100 at 7: a.m. before breakfast.  Sometimes he'll
be in the 50's during the early am hours and we'll feed him AND reduce the
basal rate.)   OR  (more often) he'll be 85 at 9:00 p.m. 244 at midnight-get a
high BG bolus, be 248 at 3:30 a.m.-get another highBG bolus and wake up at 124
before breakfast.   There are evenings when he does play an hour of soccer or
hockey, but these don't fit into a pattern either.  I guess the only thing I
can ALMOST predict is intense efficacy-to the point of running low after a
site change...and higher night time numers as we approach 36 hours in one
site, but not always....

Basal rates are 12-1am     .4
                         1-3am     .3
                         3-6am     .2
                        6-10am    .4 (plus a higher insulin:carb ratio for
                        10-3pm    .2
                         3-9pm     .3
                        9-12pm    .4

Insulin:carb ratio is 1uH/30gC

Any thoughts are appreciated.  Gus is among the first pumpers (pediatric or
otherwise) in Maine, so the endos are on a learning curve as well.  Dilute
insulin is one of their recommendations....  Also, when he wore the continuous
glucose monitor a month ago each of three nights he "spiked" into the 300-500s
at about 2 a.m.  But if you program the basal rate for that what do you do
about the 42 at 2:30 am on 12/9 (we fed him AND reduced the basal rate and he
was 50 at 5:am!)  What are we doing wrong?
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