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[IP] The pump arrived!

It's here! It's here!  A beautiful blue MiniMed 508 with remote control!  
FINALLY!  After all the tears, pleading, prayers, time and finally some 
patience - it has arrived.  Now what do we do with it?  Cory's at school and 
I sure am not too knowledgable about anything electronic or mechancial!  
Maybe I should go watch the video that came with it!  LOL
I'm also very busy preparing Cory's case to be filed with U.S. Dept. of Ed. 
Office of Civil Rights.  He's got to have a good 504 plan in effect at school 
and then have it followed all the time not just on a hit and miss category.  
I really and truly do not want to go this route but after nearly two years of 
trying and trying and trying many more times to resolve these issues with the 
school, I now realize that it is going to require some intervention.  It is 
already frightening to send him to a school where the staff either is not 
properly trained in diabetic care or are unwilling to follow the training.  
To add pumping to this seems even risker.  Maybe I just need to become a 
student again so I can be with Cory all day!  LOL
I'm sure I'll be back here reading, studying, learning and commenting,
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