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[IP] To Freckledeb

 Debby Said>>>>>>>From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] changes in insulin need with changes in cycle

I am a 52 year old woman who has been on the pump for about nine months.  I 
still get my period and find that for about a week before my sugars are
crazy.  THis happened before the pump but I thought that I could better 
control this with the pump but am not being successful.  I have raised my 
basals during this time and increased my boluses for food but still can not 
stay in good control.  The rest of the month,my control is quite good.  Any 
suggestions.  Debby<<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Debby, 
I went on the pump because my hormonal changes occurring during  pre and
post menopausal drove my bgs wild and nothing any doc or dietitian
recommended worked for me during that time . I tried for a year [pre
menopausal] and was totally unsuccessful at achieving anything close to good
readings.  Went from 29-500 daily.   ERT was somewhat helpful, but not
enough for me.  The pump has mostly eliminated the problems with hormonal
swings and I am 5 years older and considered post menopausal now.   Be sure
you are getting TSH levels checked and take appropriate action for low
levels with your docs help.   I still occasionally have to tweak basals and
still have to bolus for hormonal highs....but infrequently.  Holler if you
want to ask me any questions.  
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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