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Re: [IP] Having a baby??

I developed High Blood pressure during my first pregnancy, and that 
pregnancy wasnt too bad..I delivered a 6lb 6oz baby 6 weeks early.  Baby was 
perfectly healthy, everything was fine.  I didn't have my pump during 
pregnancy.  My blood pressure went back to normal after the delivery but 3 
years later I had high blood pressure again and was put on Capoten and 
Maxzide.  When I became pregnant with my second child my blood pressure 
medicine was changed to Normadyne.  During this pregnancy I felt horrible, 
but I was taking very large dosages of high blood pressure medication and as 
my pregnancy progressed, my dosage requirements would go up. I had a 
constant nosebleed too. I still did not have my pump during this pregnancy 
either.  I delivered a 4lb 3oz baby 2 months early in an emergency 
situation.  I was already in the hospital and was supposed to have had a 
series of two steroid shots before my c-section (to help mature the baby's 
lungs)was scheduled; however, after the first shot it threw me into labor.  
The baby was fine, just very small.  Both my boys are very healthy (ages 12 
and 7).  Honestly, it was very rough for me with the second pregnancy, but 
now that I am under such great control with my pump and my blood pressure is 
stable (under medication) my husband and I have tossed around the thought of 
having another...We probably won't, but we think about it a lot.  Good luck!

ASAP "Always Say A Prayer"

>From: Atriano Cappella <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] Having a baby??
>Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:40:17 -0500
>First, I (oh, and hubby too) DEFINITELY want a baby... but I am
>wondering if any of you have had to add high blood pressure into the
>equation?  I am currently working on perfecting my numbers so that my
>endo will give me the 'okay' to get pg. However,  I'm also on several
>medications for high blood pressure.  I know they will have to be
>changed to more 'pregnancy friendly' meds and wonder if anybody else had
>to do this before they got pg? How did the change go and if their blood
>pressure played a significant roll in their pregnancy?
>I'm saying a prayer for all of you who are pg and those who are
>considering it or trying to become..
>Wendy C. & Kermit
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