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Re: [IP] Having a baby??

In a message dated 12/14/2000 5:42:09 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< First, I (oh, and hubby too) DEFINITELY want a baby... but I am
 wondering if any of you have had to add high blood pressure into the
 equation?  I am currently working on perfecting my numbers so that my
 endo will give me the 'okay' to get pg. However,  I'm also on several
 medications for high blood pressure.  I know they will have to be
 changed to more 'pregnancy friendly' meds and wonder if anybody else had
 to do this before they got pg? How did the change go and if their blood
 pressure played a significant roll in their pregnancy? >>

Just went through this, this summer. No baby, just trying. I just turned 40, 
strike one.  Husband is sterile, so was going to a reproductive endo doing 
tests prior to artificial insemination.  I also have some signs of kidney 
disease. Microalbumin prior to this time for the last 5 years has been in the 
range of 3 to 70.  I also have high blood pressure.

I've been on Monopril (an Ace inhibitor) for 5 years.  It is essential to 
maintain low blood pressures for the pregnancy and for the health of your 
kidneys.  Here's my catch and where I'm stuck now.  You can't take an Ace 
inhibitor while pregnant, they cause serious birth defects.  I lowered my 
dose and added two other blood pressure meds.  I was also taking hormone 
treatments to prepare for insemination.

My blood pressure was manageable, but my microalbumin shot up to 796, YIKES!  
Either the Ace inhibitor was protecting my kidneys, I'm back on it now, or 
the hormone treatments did this to my kidneys.  Either way, I've given up on 
the pregnancy idea for now.  I've taken one test since and its down to 620, 
but that's not where I want to be.

I asked all the appropriate docs prior to trying this and none have any 
answers, they told me the same yours did, that the blood pressure would be 
the hardest to manage, no one expected the kidneys to take a nose dive.

Also have been running a very low A1c, which is what they recommend, at 5.6.  
Was having too many lows, which in turn produces adrenalin, which raises 
blood press, which damages kidneys.  So it is a fine line to walk.

Best of luck, get all the info you can.  We're all different, so just because 
mine didn't work out, doesn't mean yours won't.  Hopefully you're younger and 
easier to control.

Best wishes,

type 1 21 yrs; pumping 5 yrs; 40 years old
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