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Re: [IP] Re: pens

J Hughey wrote:

re: an article about pens being the "newest" way of giving insulin 
> Thanks, Lindsey - and I thought I'd share the following I found today. How sad
> news like this is spread when the pump is by far the *newest* (and best?) way
> to deliver controlled amounts of insulin.

On the other hand, Jan, consider the fact that pumps are simply NOT
available to the vast majority of diabetics (the vast majority of whom
are Type 2), and the fact that though pens have been around for a long
time, they have been slow to penetrate the American market, because of
ignorance on the part of docs and CDEs. (I found out about the pen on my
own and when I asked the CDE why they weren't recommending the pen, she
said it was too dangerous -- what would happen if it breaks?)(How often
do they break?)

At least a pen IS better than carrying around bottles of insulin and
drawing up syringes!

Progress may not be as fast as we'd like, but it's still progress!
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